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University of Central Leeds is incorporated in Panama, Central America, as a Global University to offer academic and professional courses in Higher Education through accredited Distance Education Methodologies and also through affiliated Study Colleges/Centres (internationally) to confer Diplomas, Advanced diplomas, Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees to students/candidates who successfully qualify for these awards.


To promote international education through distance learning or through classroom study, along with associated goals for flexible learning methodology, training, and continuing education to enhance human minds globally.

To be instrumental in developing networks and systems for international education by affiliating educational institutes and training centres in developing countries as well as developed countries at global level.

To contribute to the development of new methodologies and technologies applied to internationalization of education and training in order to improve lifelong learning.

To provide facilities and assistance to young generations of developing countries to study similar courses like the people of developed countries through flexible learning methodology.

To provide opportunity to young people to think globally than regionally or just locally to enable them to compete internationally with their international education.

To share good education and internationalization of quality education to assist deserving students of developing nations to study internationally accepted education at their homelands.

To share the mission and philosophy of UCL (University of Central Leeds) with others for the betterment of mankind in the developing countries.


UCL (University of Central Leeds) wish to share this mission and philosophy with others. To do so, we have affiliated colleges and training centres in other countries and are in a process to affiliate more institutions in the developing countries. These affiliated institutions and training centres act as academic and administrative tools of UCL (University of Central Leeds). The task for affiliated institutions and training centres is to assist students, who are interested to study the international study courses of UCL (University of Central Leeds) in their home countries with minimum possible fee structure. This is just a human struggle to help others for which UCL (University of Central Leeds) do not necessary want any national recognition or award from any authority. We do not wish to compete with other Institutions or any nation but just wish to complement their work or their process of educating others internationally. UCL (University of Central Leeds) international courses are not designed to meet with any specific requirement for any State Accreditation but to meet the requirement of delivering best possible International Education to the students of various nations globally, under internationally recognized educational standards and protocols.


With the invention of Television, Computers and Internet, whole world have squeezed to be a global village, consequently squeezing the role of formal university campus to small computer monitor where by a blink of eye students get more information and knowledge than provided by any teacher in many months at a formal university campus.  Global universities also provide uniform curricula to the students of all nations to enable them to compete and think globally than nationally or just regionally. Global universities impart education through distance learning using latest methodologies & technologies and also through worldwide affiliated colleges.

The University of Central Leeds is a confederation of Colleges, Faculties and other institutions

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